Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brandon Allen

As I mentioned earlier today, Brandon Allen is hitting .321/.468/617 with five doubles, two triples, five home runs, and a 25:21 BB:K ratio in June. On the year he's hitting 259/411/488 with 10 doubles, two triples, eight home runs and a 41:43 K:BB ratio in year where he's missed time due to a shoulder injury.

What's amazing about Allen's year is the improved plate discipline. His batting average is 65 points lower than it was in his stint in Reno last year, but his on base percentage is only two points lower than last year. That's a direct result of his increased walk rate. He's walked 41 times this year in 166 at bats. Last year in Reno, he walked 20 times in 145 at bats. His strike-outs are up a bit though, with 43, compared to 25 last year.

Another amazing thing is how much Allen's numbers are brought down by his poor April and May. He had only 85 at bats in April and May, and they were pretty piss poor with a 757 OPS in April, and a .305 OPS in May, although he only had 11 at bats in May.

I think it's safe to trade LaRoche if Allen continues to hit well in Reno. I think he might even be worth calling up before that happens so he can play left field as well as spell Laroche at first on occasion. He's played 13 games in left field this season and 36 at first.

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  1. LaRoche needs to be traded and soon. Even if Allen isn't hitting well, it shouldn't make much of a difference this year.

    Nice blog, btw